What are stock rewards?

Similar to cash-back or points, stock rewards are another form of a rewards mechanism that brands can utilize to give back to their customers. The key difference: stock rewards can help generate compound wealth, as their value can increase or shift over time– whereas other rewards don’t.

With Bumped, a portion of everyday spending on items such as groceries and gas will be automatically invested in the stocks of a user’s choosing. You can become an owner in the brands you love, and can choose to be rewarded in stock like Amazon, Boeing, Apple, or Tesla. See all the different stocks you could own!

Stock rewards serve as an accessible gateway to begin investing simply by shopping with your favorite brands. With Bumped, through each purchase today, people can begin securing their future with investing– whether they’ve got extra to spend or not. Stock rewards make becoming an owner more easy, simple, and accessible than ever before.

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