What is Shop Now?

The Bumped app gives you the chance to earn fractional shares of stock when you make qualifying purchases at your favorite stores online — those brands can all be found via the Shop Now section of Bumped.


How do I access brands?

To get started, head to the Bumped homepage and select “Explore All Brands.” Once you find a brand you like, and tap “Shop Now”. You’ll be directed to the brand's website where you can browse and buy. Once you’ve completed your purchase, simply close your tab and return to the Shop Now section to explore more brands.

One thing to note: To receive a Bumped stock reward, you’ll have to complete a qualifying purchase during the same shopping session. You can learn what purchases are eligible for stock rewards by tapping on a brand for more information.


What rewards do I get for Shop Now offers?

When you make eligible purchases from any brand in the Shop Now section, your rewards will be split evenly between all of your Stock Picks and an ETF. Once qualifying purchases have settled with your bank, you’ll see stock reward progress in your Activity. Rewards may take up to 14 days or longer depending on the merchant to show up.

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