What are Loyalty rewards?

What are Loyalty Rewards?

The Bumped app gives you the chance to earn fractional shares of stock when you make qualifying purchases at your selected Loyalties— those brands can all be found via the Loyalty section of your app menu. 

How to access Loyalty brands

To access Loyalty brands on the web

Head to the Bumped homepage, scroll down to select your loyalty brands, tap “select now” to choose brands that you love. You can change your Loyalty selections by tapping on Manage Selections. Keep in mind that you can change brand loyalty in each category once per 30 days, up to 3 times per year.

To access Loyalty brands in the app

Head to the Bumped app menu, tap on "Select Loyalty Brands” and choose brands that you love. You’ll earn fractional shares of stock when you spend at your selected Loyalties brands with a linked card.

What rewards do I get for Loyalty brands?

For Loyalty Rewards, you pick the stock rewards you want to earn. Whenever possible, Bumped will give you the option to reward you in fractional shares of stock in the Loyalty Brand you choose. Otherwise — for example, if a brand is not publicly traded — you’ll pick your stock rewards when you select your loyalty.

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