Bumped’s referral program

How does it work?

Users can invite friends to join Bumped directly from the app. To share your unique referral code simply open the Bumped app and tap on Refer Friends. From there you can share your unique link via email, message, or social media. 

That means you get $1 in stock every time a new user successfully signs up via your unique referral link! You'll get $1 in TWTR for sharing via Twitter, $1 in FB for posting to your Facebook, and $1 MSFT if you link on Linkedin for every person who uses your link to sign up for Bumped!

When you share your unique referral link via Message, Email, or other, we'll give you $1 in VTI per each successful referral.

A successful referral is when someone clicks through your link, applies for, and is approved to open a Bumped brokerage account. 

When will I receive my reward?

After you’ve shared your unique referral code, we’ll start the process of acquiring the stock for you. You can expect to see your reward process within a few business days.


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