What is The Stock Marketplace and how does it work?

What is The Stock Marketplace?

The Bumped app gives you the chance to earn fractional shares of stock when you make qualifying purchases at your favorite stores — those brands can all be found in The Stock Marketplace, accessible via the “Get Stock” section of your app menu. 

How do I access brands?

To get started, head to the Get Stock page in Bumped, known as The Stock Marketplace. 

How does the Bumped app work?

In The Stock Marketplace, you can browse the different brands that reward you in stock. There are two different types: Shop Now, where you can earn stock rewards by clicking directly to a brand’s website in the Bumped app, and Shop In-Store, which you can activate in Bumped for future in-store purchases.

Shop Now

To access shop now brands , head to the Bumped app menu, select Get Stock, find a brand you like, and tap “Shop Now”. You’ll be directed to the brands website where you can browse and buy. Once you’ve completed your purchase, you’ll be brought back to Bumped. One thing to note: To receive a Bumped stock reward you’ll have to complete a qualifying purchase during the same shopping session. 

Once qualifying purchases have settled with your bank, you’ll see stock reward progress in your Activity. Rewards typically take 1-7 business days to show up in the Bumped app.

Shop In-Store

Looking to shop in-store with your favorite brands? Scroll or search The Stock Marketplace before you head out. Activating a brand is easy—select the brand you like and link a card. Your selection will be stored in Bumped for the duration of the activation (check out the terms and conditions for the duration), ready for you to shop in-store.

Here’s a tip — Some Shop In-Store brands may be used multiple times before they expire. One more thing to note: Bumped accepts debit cards, but you’ll need to run them as credit in order to receive stock rewards—Do not use your PIN.

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