Closing a Bumped brokerage account

If you’re looking to close your Bumped brokerage account, here’s what to do:

Bring your account value to $0 

In order to close your account, you’ll need to bring your account value down to $0. There are a couple of ways to do that:

  • One option is selling your stock and ETFs through the Bumped app then transferring your cash balance to your linked bank after the sale has processed. If you have any pending rewards, you can either wait for your pending rewards to settle before you close your account OR you can forfeit any pending rewards. 
  • Alternatively, you can transfer your shares to another brokerage account through your other brokerage. Keep in mind many brokerage firms don’t allow transfers of fractional shares. To begin the transfer process, contact the brokerage you wish to transfer your funds to. One thing to note is that requesting an ACAT will result in the closure of your Bumped account without notice and may initiate trades that could have tax consequences. For more information please visit our support center.

Contact support to close your account

Once your account value is $0.00, contact the Bumped support team and let us know you’d like to close your account. You can do this through the Messages section of the Bumped app, or by emailing from the email associated with your Bumped account. We’ll then take the next steps to close your brokerage account. 

After your Bumped brokerage account is closed, you’ll still have access to Bumped to access your statements and any tax documents that may be generated at year's end. 

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