Link your account

Why link your bank account?

In order to connect with specific stock rewards programs or transfer out your cash balance, you’ll need to link a depository account. Keep in mind that most online purchases made online through the Shop Now section of the app can be made with any form of payment and still be rewarded, even if the card is not linked.


How to link your account?

To link your account simply head to your Bumped dashboard, tap on Account then Linked Cards. Select “Link new card”, this will bring you to a screen with a list of banks. Select a bank (or Credit Card provider) to connect, or use the “Search for your bank” option.  You’ll enter in your login credentials and then select individual accounts to link to Bumped.


If you are unable to find your bank, there is a chance they are not one of the 10,000 banks we support. Try linking a different card.


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