Why might I not receive a reward when using the Bumped Shopping Extension?

Based upon information from our partner for The Bumped Shopping Extension, we wanted to share some instances where rewards may not appear after activating an offer.

It can take 7-8 business days for a reward to show up after a purchase. If it has been longer than 7-8 business days and there's still no commissions, here are the reasons that might be the case:

  1. You have a privacy/ad blocking extension or browser that deliberately strips tracking parameters from URLs and/or cookies, making the purchase unattributable.  Please remove/disable your privacy/ad blocking extension if you are so inclined.
  2. You purchased an item from an excluded category for that Merchant. Categories and specific SKUs that are exempt from earning are described by merchants and can change over time. Please click on the “Offer Details & Terms” below the Activate button when activating an offer on a site where rewards are available.
  3. Another affiliate received credit for the purchase. If in the course of shopping, the user clicked on a link that re-affiliated their session (most commonly, users read reviews that have affiliate links in them, or they go looking for coupon codes that also re-affiliate the sale), then that party would earn the affiliate revenue, instead of Bumped Shopping Extension. Less commonly, but related to this, some merchants have a "first click" policy, rather than the more common "last click" policy for affiliation. So if a user clicked an affiliate link while shopping for something, then afterwards tried to re-affiliate using a Bumped Shopping Extension solution (e.g., clicking an "Activate" button in a browser extension), the original affiliate would still receive credit for the sale because they were the "first click."
  4. You think that you participated in a program (i.e. clicked a "Activate" button)  but did not actually participate/click the button.
  5. You completed a purchase after a referral period passed. For example, some merchants restrict earning to making a purchase within 24 hours of clicking through a referral link. If a user clicked Activate but didn't purchase anything for 24 hours, then went back to the website on their own (i.e. entered the URL into the address bar) and made a purchase, then this doesn't count as a referral and no commission is earned.
  6. The merchant has an error in their tracking or reporting such that the merchant never reported to Bumped that a purchase was attributed to the user. 

If you have reviewed the items above and believe you are missing a reward, please see the “I’m missing a stock reward” support article.

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